Monday, April 18, 2011


Huhuhuhu...... There's no outfit post for today. :( So sorry....
It because my outfit today is sodden all over my body from head to toe before I took some picture for this blog. Yeah, it's rainy today and i didn't bring my umbrella. >.< Maybe i can post my look today later.

Anyway, I have an assignment to look for about financial statement of bank on 2010 that publish in newspaper and then analyze them. I think it wasn't that hard to search some newspapers and found financial statement on it. But the fact is, it's really really haaaaaaaard to found. Aaaaaaaaah. Me, Devi, Vivi, Iis, Rovens, and Tiffani already search in Pocin and Kober (near University of Indonesia) and we still couldn't found it. Vivi, Me, and Devi make a decision to search them in Gramedia bookstore, but we're still so unlucky. Why it's so hard to found that?? *sigh*

Finally me and Devi tottaly changed our plan and for a while forget about the assignment. We went to Petra Jewelry in Margonda which sell many things that you need for some D-I-Y (Do it Yourself) project. I bought some studded, velvet ribbon, and zippers for my DIY project. :D Surely i'm gonna post about it later. :)

Okay, actually I wanna tell you more about today... but, I have to take a bath before i got some flu because the rain. Hehehe. See you next post... :)

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