Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom's stuff

Heloooo buddies..... :D
Yey, an outfit post again. Yeah you know that i'm addicted with fashion blog for now. Hahaha.
Yayaya i know i'm just a follower. But i think it's good, i not lazy to post anymore, i can practice my english (i must get my toefl score above 550, my toefl score now only 536), and i can show part of my narcissism to all of the world. ;)

Okay, these are what i wore yesterday... Not today? yaa, because today i wore my uniform in practice of Bank Mini. (Semangat Bank Express! Minggu depan kita pasti POD :D)

unbranded hijab and inner, unbranded brown leather belt, mom's blazer, dust brown denim,
Logic brown leather bag bought at Bloop, unbranded brown flat shoes

Mom's blazer, love the pattern.

Some playing with clothes... had no chance yet to wear these in my daily activities. The white dress thats my mom's vintages stuff. I think i don't need to go to flea market to find some vintage stuffs. haha

unbranded white flowery shawl bought at Plaza Semanggi, ako denim jacket, mom's white dress, Gaudi navy blue legging

pattern of the shawl, i heart this <3

Yes. Enough for today, see you bye bye... Let's do the Management of Bank Fund task! :D -___-


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