Friday, April 29, 2011


This last semester really made me insane. A lot of asssignment.... Tugas Akhir..... *what do you call it? Thesis?*
I even didn't have time to think about other things.

Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY zipper crop blazer/jacket

Hei fellows! As I have told you that I will post about my DIY stuff that I made last three days, and this is it! I'll give you a little tutorial which will be explained by the picture. :D

I think, how to make it not so dificult but you needs more accuracy and little patience. *for beginner like me*
First, let me state that actually i'm not really good in sewing. Hahaha, ;p
But you know, it would be my precious..... ;)

DIY zipper cropped blazer/jacket

All that you need :

and you gonna have to do these...
click to larger and read

And... this is my look today wore my new cropped blazer.. or jacket? Hmm...

Unbranded hijab and shirt, DIY zipper crop jacked, 3second denim

Do you like it? Let me know! :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

La la zy

Actually I wanna post my look on last Kartini's Day. But i'm too lazy to post it. *sigh*
Sometimes i felt kinda weird when took some photos of me by my self and posted them in my blog. -,-

By the way, i'm on my mood to make self-made things for last two days. But it's not finished yet.
I shall post it when it is finished. Yay! :D
Can't wait......... >,<

ps: Get well soon my hunny bunny friend and my partner in crime Iisdilla... :* and  hopefully the financial statements of the bank can quickly obtained and can be done with good result. Aamiiin. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I want. I need. Mood booster.

Kinda bored. Got the routine activities almost everyday... I really need the things that can turn up my mood. Where is my mood booster?

Anyway.... these are what i wore today, perfect for this rainy day.

Silly face. boo.... :p

Unbranded hijab, belt and flats, mom's orange vintage sweater, Dust skinny denim, random bracelets

From left to right. DIY braid bracelet, ethnic bracelet bought in Jogya, suede ribbon worn as bracelet
*photos by Devi, edited by me

I hope tomorrow will be great. For you, for me, and everybody. :)
Cheers! ;D

ps: I just downloaded Nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 from Nikon Photoshop plug in. *you can search in Google*
You know,  it's totally awesome! Yeaaaaaaah.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I wore today

unbranded hijab and shoes, mom's dress, ako denim jacket, Gaudi legging,  pearl necklace worn as bracelet

with Iisdilla. Check her blog buddies, just click on her name! :) 

*photos by Eva, edited by me. Thank you Eva :*

By the way, I have to immediately resume my final script (what u call it 'Tugas Akhir' in english?). I must finish it before June, which is less than a month. -_____- Help me God..............

Monday, April 18, 2011


Huhuhuhu...... There's no outfit post for today. :( So sorry....
It because my outfit today is sodden all over my body from head to toe before I took some picture for this blog. Yeah, it's rainy today and i didn't bring my umbrella. >.< Maybe i can post my look today later.

Anyway, I have an assignment to look for about financial statement of bank on 2010 that publish in newspaper and then analyze them. I think it wasn't that hard to search some newspapers and found financial statement on it. But the fact is, it's really really haaaaaaaard to found. Aaaaaaaaah. Me, Devi, Vivi, Iis, Rovens, and Tiffani already search in Pocin and Kober (near University of Indonesia) and we still couldn't found it. Vivi, Me, and Devi make a decision to search them in Gramedia bookstore, but we're still so unlucky. Why it's so hard to found that?? *sigh*

Finally me and Devi tottaly changed our plan and for a while forget about the assignment. We went to Petra Jewelry in Margonda which sell many things that you need for some D-I-Y (Do it Yourself) project. I bought some studded, velvet ribbon, and zippers for my DIY project. :D Surely i'm gonna post about it later. :)

Okay, actually I wanna tell you more about today... but, I have to take a bath before i got some flu because the rain. Hehehe. See you next post... :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yaaaay! Last Thursday I felt so happy, happy, and happy. Everything going so perfect I think.

I wanna tell you some reasons why I felt soooo happy. These are:

1.       My lovely ‘sister’ in my boarding house, Iriani Ayu got her 20th. Yes you right! That’s her birthday. Happy birthday Ayuuuu….. Wish you all the best *big kiss and hug* Anyway, Ayu gave me some pieces of her birthday  cake to my classmates. So I can spread the love to everyone…. J
2.       My Intern Audit Bank group (with Rovenska and Ari Endah) has got presented our auditing case about saving account. Although we felt so nervous before, surprisingly our presentation was success! Our group has good responses from the audience and lecturer, good questions *we can handle it well*, and Febi said that our group was so funny *so much laugh, sometimes we handle the questions with fun way* Alhamdulillaaaaah… :D
3.       I love my look on this day. I love the electric blue shawl, I love the cute watch I wore (btw, it’s only 10k!) That is a yoyo watch! There's a yoyo on it. It's cute, right? I bought it from Sophie Martin for kids catalogue. And it’s on sale! *thank you Ani for bring that catalogue* >,< 

And these are my look on last Thursday… I find new way to wore shawl as hijab. Simple but lovely, I think. ;)

Unbranded shawl as hijab, Iwan Tirta shirt, SMkids yoyo watch, mom’s shawl worn as belt, 3seconds denim, Noche shoes

PS: Deeply sorry for my bad grammar, i promise i shall practice more often! >:)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Skirt day!

Wohooo... I dare myself to wore skirt today. Aaaaah..... *blushing*

Unbranded hijab, knit top, skirt, and leather belt, Gaudi legging, Noche flat shoes

All photos in this post taken by my lovely bunny friend Devi. Bunch of loves for you depiiiiiii….. *kiss and hug*

And guess what? We took these pictures in our classroom. Hohoho, ;D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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Mom's stuff

Heloooo buddies..... :D
Yey, an outfit post again. Yeah you know that i'm addicted with fashion blog for now. Hahaha.
Yayaya i know i'm just a follower. But i think it's good, i not lazy to post anymore, i can practice my english (i must get my toefl score above 550, my toefl score now only 536), and i can show part of my narcissism to all of the world. ;)

Okay, these are what i wore yesterday... Not today? yaa, because today i wore my uniform in practice of Bank Mini. (Semangat Bank Express! Minggu depan kita pasti POD :D)

unbranded hijab and inner, unbranded brown leather belt, mom's blazer, dust brown denim,
Logic brown leather bag bought at Bloop, unbranded brown flat shoes

Mom's blazer, love the pattern.

Some playing with clothes... had no chance yet to wear these in my daily activities. The white dress thats my mom's vintages stuff. I think i don't need to go to flea market to find some vintage stuffs. haha

unbranded white flowery shawl bought at Plaza Semanggi, ako denim jacket, mom's white dress, Gaudi navy blue legging

pattern of the shawl, i heart this <3

Yes. Enough for today, see you bye bye... Let's do the Management of Bank Fund task! :D -___-

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playing with skirt :)

I actually not wore this clothes in my daily activities for today…  just playing with them. J
Wear hijab doesn’t mean you can’t use various skirt, right? Anyway, skirts that  I used in these picture all is my mom’s vintage skirt. But for now, it's all mine. ;)

Check these out,

What I wore:
Unbranded purple hijab
Iwan Tirta grey shirt
Mom’s  vintage black belt
Mom’s purple pencil skirt
Gaudi grey legging


What I wore:
Unbranded white hijab
Iwan Tirta grey shirt
Unbranded brown leather belt
Mom’s grey pleated skirt
Gaudi grey legging

New purple glasses, ;D Look good on me? or not?

What I wore:
Unbranded electric blue shawl /pashmina
Unbrand white t-shirt (inner)
Ako blue denim jacket
Mom’s brown pleated skirt
Gaudi navy blue legging

 Have a nice saturday buddies! :D

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photos Session in Balairung

Finally i can sent this photos to my netbook from my friend Iis. :) I don't know why i can't sent this photos before. This photo session took a couples of moth ago in Balairung. That was so much fun took some picture with my class mates "LASKAC". :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pashmina Day... :D

Wohoooo..... Today i wore my new shawl (usually called pashmina). I love the color so much. :D

unbranded shawl and leather belt, mom's vintage shirt, dust jeans

I mix it with mom's vintage brown shirt, brown leather belt, and brown denim. Really sorry the quality of the picture is so bad. :(