Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY zipper crop blazer/jacket

Hei fellows! As I have told you that I will post about my DIY stuff that I made last three days, and this is it! I'll give you a little tutorial which will be explained by the picture. :D

I think, how to make it not so dificult but you needs more accuracy and little patience. *for beginner like me*
First, let me state that actually i'm not really good in sewing. Hahaha, ;p
But you know, it would be my precious..... ;)

DIY zipper cropped blazer/jacket

All that you need :

and you gonna have to do these...
click to larger and read

And... this is my look today wore my new cropped blazer.. or jacket? Hmm...

Unbranded hijab and shirt, DIY zipper crop jacked, 3second denim

Do you like it? Let me know! :D

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  1. very cool jacket. will make one.


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