Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yaaaay! Last Thursday I felt so happy, happy, and happy. Everything going so perfect I think.

I wanna tell you some reasons why I felt soooo happy. These are:

1.       My lovely ‘sister’ in my boarding house, Iriani Ayu got her 20th. Yes you right! That’s her birthday. Happy birthday Ayuuuu….. Wish you all the best *big kiss and hug* Anyway, Ayu gave me some pieces of her birthday  cake to my classmates. So I can spread the love to everyone…. J
2.       My Intern Audit Bank group (with Rovenska and Ari Endah) has got presented our auditing case about saving account. Although we felt so nervous before, surprisingly our presentation was success! Our group has good responses from the audience and lecturer, good questions *we can handle it well*, and Febi said that our group was so funny *so much laugh, sometimes we handle the questions with fun way* Alhamdulillaaaaah… :D
3.       I love my look on this day. I love the electric blue shawl, I love the cute watch I wore (btw, it’s only 10k!) That is a yoyo watch! There's a yoyo on it. It's cute, right? I bought it from Sophie Martin for kids catalogue. And it’s on sale! *thank you Ani for bring that catalogue* >,< 

And these are my look on last Thursday… I find new way to wore shawl as hijab. Simple but lovely, I think. ;)

Unbranded shawl as hijab, Iwan Tirta shirt, SMkids yoyo watch, mom’s shawl worn as belt, 3seconds denim, Noche shoes

PS: Deeply sorry for my bad grammar, i promise i shall practice more often! >:)

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