Friday, May 27, 2011


I know i've been such a bad blogger. I'm sorry for my hiatus. Last two weeks was my last exam in my last semester. Very severe weeks *sigh*. I tried do my best, though what i do yet the best that i could. Yeah i've tried and now it's time to pray. This time i can have all of my time for my thesis. :) *i still couldn't found best word to describe 'Tugas Akhir' in English. Because in Indonesia, the word 'thesis' is describe for postgraduate college student*

By the way, last Wednesday i got my TOEFL score from my TOEFL test couple weeks ago. Alhamdulillah..... my score is 523. Once again, Alhamdulillaaaaahhh... :) Thank you my blog, indirectly i practice my english through this blog for sure. Hehehe

And.... today actually i must go to campus, but for several reasons i didn't. So i not trully wear these clothes today, but absolutely will wore these in another opportunity. :D Yaay....
Umm... sorry for the lack quality of pictures. I hope soon i can buy good camera so i could serve you good pictures for this blog. Aaamiiiiin. ;)

Flowery shawl worn as hijab, mom's blazer, trouser and bag, unbranded white tee, Charles & Keith pump heels.

mom's vintages blazer, trouser, and bag. Ohh, call me genius.

Look at my inner shawl, trouser, and bag. That color perfectly match.
my new Charles & Keith shoes. :D Gosh, i heart this brand so much.

my treasure. Mom's vintage bag.

PS: Please ignore about my messy room, -_-

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I wanna post my look today, actually... But the photos are still in memory card of my camera. I'll move them tomorow okay? :D

By the why, today it such a loooooooooong day, but very pleasant because I went with my beloved family. :*
I'm so tired, would better if I go sleep right now. *yawn*

This is my look today
Unbranded shawl, dress bought in JakCloth festival, mom's vintage belt, 3scnd denim, Charles & Keith pump heels

This pic taken by my Dad, in my Mom's office. hihihi


Saturday, May 7, 2011


Do you brave to be different?

Yes, I do.

Unbranded hijab, belt, and t-shirt, DIY zipper crop jacket, Mom's skirt, Gaudi leeging, Noche shoes

my beautifull friends IisdillaAri Endah, and Eva. Check out their blogs! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bad feelings

You know, very bad to know that you just hurt someone you heart. This is the worst feeling i ever felt.

I heart LASKAC *my classmates* so damn much. I loooooveeeeeeee them more than i can say and express. Their like my second family.

I apologize to everyone that ever hurt by the word i ever said. Sometimes accidentaly i just put 'weird word' to express something, and it just happened, randomly. Now i know why many people said, "think before talk". Yayaya i realize thats really needed.

Please forgive me people.... I really don't like this bad feelings. It's guilty.

Quick update

Just quick update...

A little photo shoot today with Eva and Novita. :D

Yihaaaa.... These what i wore today. :*
unbranded shawl as hijab, belt, and shoes, vintage top, Dust denim

*Photos by Ari Endah, edited by me

and these what i wore yesterday...

Unbranded hijab, t-shirt, and belt, Dust denim, Vintage Cardigan