Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick update

Just quick update...

A little photo shoot today with Eva and Novita. :D

Yihaaaa.... These what i wore today. :*
unbranded shawl as hijab, belt, and shoes, vintage top, Dust denim

*Photos by Ari Endah, edited by me

and these what i wore yesterday...

Unbranded hijab, t-shirt, and belt, Dust denim, Vintage Cardigan


  1. aduuh cantiknyeu waniteu-waniteu inie *gaya melayu ceritanya mah* hihihi

  2. Aduhai cantiknyeeee.... tak kuat mate ni memandang.Uuuuuu tentram sangat hati ni... :p

    *melayu version*


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