Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playing with skirt :)

I actually not wore this clothes in my daily activities for today…  just playing with them. J
Wear hijab doesn’t mean you can’t use various skirt, right? Anyway, skirts that  I used in these picture all is my mom’s vintage skirt. But for now, it's all mine. ;)

Check these out,

What I wore:
Unbranded purple hijab
Iwan Tirta grey shirt
Mom’s  vintage black belt
Mom’s purple pencil skirt
Gaudi grey legging


What I wore:
Unbranded white hijab
Iwan Tirta grey shirt
Unbranded brown leather belt
Mom’s grey pleated skirt
Gaudi grey legging

New purple glasses, ;D Look good on me? or not?

What I wore:
Unbranded electric blue shawl /pashmina
Unbrand white t-shirt (inner)
Ako blue denim jacket
Mom’s brown pleated skirt
Gaudi navy blue legging

 Have a nice saturday buddies! :D

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