Saturday, March 5, 2011

New new new!

No... there is no something new in here. I don't have something new too.
So why my title post this time is "New new new!" ?
Okay..... let me tell you. From now i try to make post in this blog in english not in bahasa. Yeah i know my english is such bad. But i try... So if you found many mistakes in my grammar or tenses. I really really sorry about that. This is my way to practice writing in english. Don't hestitate if you want to correct me.. i very appreciate it. :D

Now i kinda addicted with fashion blog. Too late i just knew that a couple of month ago. :(
Ahhh i got so many inspiration in there. Sooooo awesome... like it much.
So far i love Hot Chocolate of mint by Diana Rikasari, Afternoon tea and livingroom by Bethani Putri, June Paski, Fashion Maverick by Heidi Kalalo, Style Covered by Hana Tajima, Hijab Scarf, Tiny Little Fingers by Shila Gaisani, The creme de la crop by Evita Nuh (note: she still 11 years old!), Sabila Anata, Style Buble and many many more....... Love they style, love they outfit. :*

Yeah today i have no something important to do, so i take this picture and edited them in photoscape and photoshop. So this is it, surely inspired by fashion blogger out there. ;)

I took this pic from webcam in my netbook. So the quality is so poor. >.<
The outware that i wore is my mom's blazer. :D I found many good things in my mom's closet. <3

By the way, today is second day of Java Jazz Festival 2011 at JiExpo Kemayoran. I envy with you all that can came in there.... T.T

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